Portraits Taken In Front of a Leaf Blower

Tadao Cern via Facebook

You know when a dog sticks it’s muzzle out the side of a car window, and it’s jowls carelessly flap about in the wind? I bet you laughed at the floppy folds dancing about.

Bet you’ll laugh even harder when you see it happen to humans. Artist Tadao Cern has put together a series of portraits, cheekily titled ‘Blow Job‘ (safe for work!), wherein he shoots not only his camera, but a leafblower as well, at his subjects face. The results are gut-bustingly hilarious. Not to mention, it reminds us of just how elastic our skin is.  Bet Jim Carey couldn’t even mimic some of these expressions. Though it’s probably not recommended you try this at home.

“Everyone (and there were more than one hundred!) who dared to stand up in front of my camera lens that evening will remember this photo shoot for a long time and have an extraordinary photo in his album,” said Tadas Černiauskas.

Tadao Cern via Facebook
Tadao Cern via Facebook
Tadao Cern via Facebook
Tadao Cern via Facebook
Tadao Cern via Facebook
Tadao Cern via Facebook
Tadao Cern via Facebook

Shot 70 Years Ago But These WWII Photos Could Have Come Fresh off a Hollywood Set


This selection of archived photographs was a assembled by blogger Pavel Kosenko. Shot with Kodachrome photo film, the images look like they could have come straight out of the next big Hollywood period piece blockbuster. When clicking through these images though, it’s truly amazing to see the real life impact the war had on society, especially to see the amazing women who stepped up in the time of need that would go on the pioneer a new era of women in the workplace.