Couples Photography: Mr and Mrs Index Finger


I wonder if this photographer is super creative and quirky or if she was just really really REALLY bored, when she decided to draw faces on her fingers (or possibly someone else’s) and then snap away. Either way, photographer Juliana Coutinho creates a light-hearted and cute photo series that will make you smile.

If you’re a fan of this photo series, you can try creating your own, all you need is a camera, marker and someone’s fingers. If you did decide to try your hand at this idea, comment below with a link to your creations. If you’d like to check out more of Juliana’s finger photos (she has quite a few) you can check them out here.

Juliana Coutinho - FullyM6

Juliana Coutinho - FullyM5

Juliana Coutinho - FullyM3

Juliana Coutinho - FullyM5 (2)

Juliana Coutinho - FullyM4

Juliana Coutinho - FullyM2

Juliana Coutinho - FullyM1

(via PhotographyBlogger)

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