Shot 70 Years Ago But These WWII Photos Could Have Come Fresh off a Hollywood Set

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June 1942. Engine inspector for North American Aviation at Long Beach, California. 4×5 Kodachrome transparency by Alfred Palmer


This selection of archived photographs was a assembled by blogger Pavel Kosenko. Shot with Kodachrome photo film, the images look like they could have come straight out of the next big Hollywood period piece blockbuster. When clicking through these images though, it’s truly amazing to see the real life impact the war had on society, especially to see the amazing women who stepped up in the time of need that would go on the pioneer a new era of women in the workplace.

(via War History Online via shorpy)

  • Pam Pursley says:

    These “up close and personal” home-front photos are amazing! Grateful to those workers who did their jobs for the defense of our country.

  • Matt B says:

    in today’s digital photography world, does anyone think that pictures like this would survive 70 years later?

  • These days I have been enjoying getting back into the groove at home, getting up on the hill skiing for clients, etc. I have also been busy editing Kodachrome images for my book, now most likely it’s original title, “The Kodachrome Project”. It has also been fun getting some some “Last Day” photos from Dwayne’s Photo Customer Service Rep, Pam Garretson Queen who recently stated that the lab is surprised and delighted by the uptick in the volume of film they have received since the conclusion of Kodachrome Processing on January 18th of this year.