Genetics Are Awesome, Photographer Explores Resemblance in Family Members

(Daughter/Father: Ariane, 13 & André, 55)

Ulric Collette is a French-Canadian photographer who does some quirky portrait work. In his photo series “Genetic Portraits” he photographs family members and then cuts them side by side to create one portrait. The end result makes you notice the similarities between the people photographed, and how fascinating genetics really are. One really cool thing I noticed, is if you cover one half of the image with your hand, and then the other half, you can clearly picture how different each person is, but then when you look at them both, you notice so many similarities.

You can take a look at more of Ulric’s work on his website.

Ulric Collette - FullyM
(Daughter/Mother: Marie-Pier, 18 & N’sira, 49)

Ulric Collette - FullyM2
(Sisters: Anne-Sophie, 19 & Pascale, 16)

Ulric Collette - FullyM3
(Twins: Alex & Sandrine, 20)

(Mother/Daughter: Julie, 61 & Isabelle, 32)

(Daughter/Father: Amélie, 33 & Daniel, 60)

(Father/Daughter: Daniel, 60 & Isabelle, 32)

ulriccollette fullym
(Mother/Daughter: Francine, 56 & Catherine, 23)

(Sister/Brother: Karine, 29 & Dany, 25)

(Cousins: Justine, 29 & Ulric, 29)

(Father/Son: Laval, 56 & Vincent, 29)

(Twins: Laurence & Christine, 20)

(Father/Son: Denis, 60 & Mathieu, 25)

(Brothers: Christophe, 30 & Ulric, 29)

(via Ulric Collette website)