VIDEO: FullyM Meets Benjamin Von Wong! How to Shoot Intricate Multiple Models BTS


Attention to detail. Attention to detail. Attention to detail.

…that and a rock star creative eye. That’s what Benjamin Von Wong of Von Wong Photography brings to a project. I had a blast hanging out on set with him a little while ago and was able to put together a little BTS/How-to while I was there.

While visiting some friends, I was able to connect with Montreal based photographer Benjamin Von Wong. This to me, was a pretty big deal. I’ve been following Ben’s work for years and it was really cool to finally meet in person. After grabbing a brew or two at a local pub, he invited me to come hang out at one of his shoots the next day. I thought I’d tag along to see what happens at a Von Wong photo shoot.



I love hanging around other creatives to see how they work. You pick up a lot of these do’s and don’ts that they wouldn’t necessarily think to tell you because its just instinctual.

The one thing I noticed while watching Ben work was his attention to detail. I’ve known this to be a little tricky for me because when shooting larger groups of five or six, there’s a million things going through your mind. Framing. Focus. Poses. Hand positions. Facial Expressions. Are all of their faces lit? Is this telling the right story? How do the props add/subtract from the message? Is the clothing being showcased correctly? Is each model displayed in a flattering way? Does make-up or hair need to be adjusted? Would these poses be technically correct if another a dancer was looking at it?

All too often when you’re shooting an idea pops in your head and you fixate on one aspect or two, and loose sight of all of these other really important pieces of the puzzle.

I thought Ben did an amazing job at this. Really looking at every little detail, making these micro adjustments and including the dancers and art director in the process.


Secondly, I noticed was how much fun Ben and everyone was having on set. I think this is one of the most important things a professional photographer can do to set themselves apart and to build repeat business. At the end of the day, most professional photographer you hire (with a good portfolios) will deliver a high quality product. But those who can make a lasting impression of the experience are the photographers clients go out of their way to recommend and hire again.

One final thought, its all about the type of jobs you take on. I had asked Ben how he stays consistently inspired in a skype interview. He he told me that he only accepts jobs now that he wants to shoot, that way, whether its a paid contract or a personal creative, your able to really wholeheartedly tackle the project.

Have a look at some of the final products. I think they turned out really great. Also, swing by the Von Wong blog for a detailed write up of the shoot. Also, if you happen to be at in Montreal, check out Temnein by Art-Terre, their show is Friday April 12th.

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