Like Mother, Like Daughter: Photographer Shows Similarities Between Generations


I am absolutely amazed by this set of photos, taken by Carra Sykes. It makes me question if I look more like my mom than I think. In the photos it shows a mom and daughter, who you would not necessarily think look that much alike. They are wearing the same outfits and doing the same poses, and it makes you notice all the comparisons between them, even though they’re years apart. The daughter must know now exactly how she’ll look in about 30 years.

Do you resemble your parents?

mom and daughter 1

mother and daughter both wearing yellow jacket standing by wall

mom and daughter 2

girl and her mother both sitting on armchair holding yellow cushion

mom and daughter 5

mom and daughter 4

mom and daughter 9

mom and daughter 8

mom and daughter 7

mom and daughter 3

mom and daughter 6

mother and daughter both dressed in blue jacket and pink shorts

(Images via The Guardian and Carra Sykes Photography)

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