They Combined 126 Images In Order To Capture This Giant 3,200-year-old Tree

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This is the “President,” a giant sequoia in Nevada’s Sequoia National Park. At 247 feet it’s the second tallest tree on this planet, and though it’s over three millenia old it’s still growing rapidly. In 2012 National Geographic magazine photographer Michael “Nick” Nichols and a team of scientists struck out to document this majestic tree. They ended up putting together 126 images into a mosaic to come up with the photo below.

The President is 93 feet in circumference at the base. You really get an idea of the scale when you see this scientist standing next to it.


Don’t look down.

The President and it’s “cabinet”

hanging-from-it climing-the-president


The one of a kind camera rig that was used to photograph the President. A robotic dolly moved three cameras from the top to the bottom of the tree and used gyroscopes in order to keep the camera stable and in focus. It took 31 days to capture this amazing photo.


Take a close look and you can see some of the scientist in the tree, which gives you a better idea of just how tall this tree is.


A few years earlier Nichols had photographed another Red Wood using the same rig. This photo required 83 different shots in order to capture this amazing image.


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