Black & White Photography Done Right. Powerful Images That May Actually Give You The Chills


In the digital age, at times, black & white photographs have a bad rep of being pretensions, wannabe artistic or amateurish, this is not one of those cases. French photographer, Benoit Courti, creates sharp contrast in his black & white photos that result in an outstanding shot.

From the eerie image of a woman’s arm covered in flies to the adorable capture of a cat playing in the snow, Benoit’s photos evoke a variety of emotions from the viewer.

If you’d like to see more of Benoit’s work including him experimenting with colors, check out his website.

Benoit Courti FullyM2

Benoit Courti FullyM5

Benoit Courti FullyM1

Benoit Courti FullyM3

Benoit Courti FullyM10

Benoit Courti FullyM9

Benoit Courti FullyM12

Benoit Courti FullyM6

Benoit Courti FullyM7

Benoit Courti FullyM11

Benoit Courti FullyM

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