New York From Dusk Till Dawn Photo Composites

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Dedication was key in creating this photo series of New York City called, Day to Night. Photographer, Stephen Wilkes, would shoot at a location for up to 15 hours and take over 1,000 photos. His hard work paid off and the end result is these awesome time-lapse composite photos. He blended about 50 photos together in each one to create the subtle change from day to night, hence the title.

Have you created any cool time-lapse photos or video?

Stephen Wilkes FullyM 4

Stephen Wilkes FullyM 6

Stephen Wilkes FullyM

Stephen Wilkes FullyM 7

Steven Wilkes FullyM

Stephen Wilkes FullyM 5

Steven Wilkes FullyM 2

Stephen Wilkes FullyM 1


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