The Ten Most Expensive Photographs Of All Time


10) Billy The Kid, photographer unknown (1880), sold for $2.3 million

On reality TV shows like “Pawn Stars” and “Storage Wars”, we see items being appraised for large sums of money. The reality that is not shown, is that, often, it can take months to find a buyer for that item or the item doesn’t sell for nearly as much as it was appraised for.

I’m a firm believer in the saying “it’s only worth, as much as someone is willing to pay.” And in the case of the photographs shown, someone was willing to pay…A LOT! I wonder, if any of the buyers do decide to sell their purchase, if someone else will buy it for as much as they originally paid.

Here are the World’s 10 most expensive photographs…

Untitled #153 FullyM
9) Untitled #153, by Cindy Sherman (1985), sold for $2.7 million

The Pond FullyM
8) The Pond/Moonlight, by Edward Steichen (1904), sold for $2.9 million

Los Angeles FullyM
7) Los Angeles, by Andreas Gursky (1998), sold for $2.9 million

99 Cent FullyM
6) 99 Cent II, Diptychon, by Andreas Gursky (2001), sold for $3.3 million

(Untitled) Cowboy FullyM
5) (Untitled) Cowboy, by Richard Prince (2001-02), sold for $3.4 million

Dead Troops Talk FullyM
4) Dead Troops Talk, by Jeff Wall (1992), sold for $3.7 million

For Her Majesty FullyM
3) For Her Majesty, by Gilbert & George (1973), sold for $3.7 million

Untitled #96 FullyM
2) Untitled #96, by Cindy Sherman (1981), sold for $3.9 million

The Rhine II 1999 by Andreas Gursky born 1955
1) Rhein II, by Andreas Gursky (1999), sold for $4.3 million

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