These NYC “Now & Then” Composites Are Pretty Awesome


Today, New York City is famous for its Broadway shows, sports teams, shopping, monuments, yellow cabs, and cuisine. The streets of New York City were once the setting for some graphic crime scenes.

In Marc A. Hermann‘s “Then & Now’ series he examines the Big Apple’s gritty criminal past. Marc, who is a photographer and historian, collected vintage photos of iconic crime scenes from the New York Daily News archives. Then, he juxtaposed the crime scene photos with photos of the same locations, captured in their present day state.

The superimposed photos are very impressive, and give us a look at New York’s past.

You can check out more of Marc’s “Then & Now” series here.

Marc A Hermann FullyM9
(Original photographer unknown. A gangster named Frankie Yale lost out to his rivals in Brooklyn.)


Marc A Hermann FullyM
(Original photo by Paul Bernius. A recently released inmate stole a car with two friends and came to a crashing halt.)


(Original photo by Owen Milmoe. Policemen guard the dead body of a fellow police officer who committed suicide.)


Marc A Hermann FullyM1
(Original photo by Paul Bernius. Flames consume the Church of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.)


Marc A Hermann FullyM7
(Original photographer unknown. Gangster, Salvatore (Sammy) Santoro met his demise in this building.)


Marc A Hermann FullyM2
(Original photo by Charles Payne. Edna Egbert, a mother of a soldier, became distraught after not hearing from her son. Cops distracted her so she could be pushed into a safety net.)


Marc A Hermann FullyM6
(Original photo by Charles Payne. This massive fire claimed the lives of 6 people. The building had to be completely demolished.)


Marc A Hermann FullyM5
(Original photo by Dan Sforza. This car crash resulted in the death of a 3 year old girl who was riding her tricycle. Her older sister is consoled near her body.)


Marc A Hermann FullyM4
(Original photographer unknown. An M-7 Priest rolls through town en route to the library to be displayed.)


Marc A Hermann FullyM11
(Original photo by Alan Aaronson. Josephine Dexidor holds the man her jealous boyfriend had shot.)

(via The Huffington Post)

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