Now This Is Photoshop! Watch This Guy Spend 7 Hours On A Single Image


For the absolute full effect make sure you turn your speakers up to at least 11 or have a good pair of headphones on hand.

It takes a lot of patience and hours in front of a computer screen to create an image as epic as this.

This intense battle between two badass air ships is definitely not something one can expect to see in real life. In fact, it was all created in Photoshop. Every last detail was the work of Alex Koshelkov, who truly understands that patience is a virtue.

We’re talking 7 hours of gruelling Photoshop work (and 284 layers, if you’re counting). Even the title, ‘Airship of Doom‘, doesn’t do it justice to say just how truly intense the final image is.
Luckily, he sped up the process for you to watch and enjoy the battle that is about to unfold.

Would you have the patience to edit for 7 hours? What’s the longest you’ve spent on post-production?

(via Fstoppers)

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