How This Photographer Uses A Small Studio—And No Photo Manipulation—To Create Fantastical Scenes That Defy All Logic


Korean artist JeeYoung Lee has a studio space that measures 360 X 410 X 240 cm (or 11 X 13 X 8 feet), but within those walls she’s put together scenes that are intense, vivid and deeply personal. From childhood memories to folk tales, each one is more than just a pretty picture; they are potent demonstrations of the capacity for photography to communicate the human experience. Here are some examples below, via MyModernMet:

leejeeyoung_fullym_014 leejeeyoung_fullym_001 leejeeyoung_fullym_002 leejeeyoung_fullym_003 leejeeyoung_fullym_004 leejeeyoung_fullym_005 leejeeyoung_fullym_006 leejeeyoung_fullym_007 leejeeyoung_fullym_008 leejeeyoung_fullym_009 leejeeyoung_fullym_010 leejeeyoung_fullym_011 leejeeyoung_fullym_012

Head on over to MyModernMet to check out some of the descriptions to these.

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