Freaky Friday: 13 Photos That Look Better Upside Down


(photo via design float)

If you’re superstitious than today – Friday the 13th – is super unlucky. What better way to celebrate than to bend your mind and view some photos with an alternative perspective.

Have you experienced anything strange today?

via gizmodo fullym4
(Lysle Turnbeaugh – via Gizmodo)

via designfloat4 fullym
(via design float)

via designfloat1 fullym
(via design float)

via gizmodo fullym1
(James Hale – via Gizmodo)

via designfloat6 fullym
(via design float)

via gizmodo fullym2
(Giani Waghelstein – via Gizmodo)

via designfloat fullym
(via design float)

via designfloat5 fullym
(via design float)

via gizmodo fullym3
(Jerry Duke – via Gizmodo)

via gizmodo
(Andrew Vanden Heuvel – via Gizmodo)

bats upside down fullym
(via The Geek Portal)

faceflip via fstoppers
(Anuschka Blommers and Niels Schumm – via Fstoppers)

(via Designfloat, Gizmodo, The Geek Portal and Fstoppers)

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