Dogs ‘Shake’ For The Camera


Dogs shake quite a bit, whether it’s after a bath, if they catch a chill or if they’re being bothered by a pesky fly. And of course in the case of the chihuahua, they shake 24/7. So what does a dogs shaking captured by high-speed photography techniques mean to us humans – time spent aww-ing over their adorable photos, of course!

In this aww-dorable photo series called “Shake” by Carli Davidson we get to do just that…Awww! The series first began back in 2011 when Carli was inspired to capture her beloved dog Norbert in mid-shake. Since then her photographs have become a viral hit and produced a photo book.

If you’d like to purchase Carli’s book “Shake” click here. To see more of her work be sure to check out her website.

Facebook: Carli Davidson Pet Photography
Instagram: Carli_Davidson
Twitter: Carli_Davidson

carli davidson fullym 5

carli davidson fullym 7

carli davidson fullym 6

carli davidson fullym 4

carli davidson fullym 2

carli davidson fullym 3

shake fullym 1

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