The Faces Of Extreme Plastic Surgery

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Obsession with beauty and advanced medical technology don’t mix as seen in Phillip Toledano‘s portrait series, “A New Kind Of Beauty“.

We all someone who has always been insecure about their nose or their weight etc., and you may possibly know someone who’s gone under the knife to ‘fix’ their insecurity but what Phillip captures is the extreme.

The traditional style portraits of un-traditional faces are fascinating. His subjects are people who display what obsession with beauty can create.

“In 50 or 100 years time, I think humanity won’t look like it does today because of technology. … We will be able to redefine what it means to look human and I think these people are the vanguard of that type of evolution.”

Would you ever go under the knife?

Phillip Toledano FullyM 2

Phillip Toledano FullyM 6

Phillip Toledano FullyM 1

Phillip Toledano FullyM 5

Phillip Toledano FullyM 3

Phillip Toledano FullyM

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