The Bedroom: Through a Pinhole Camera

(De Chai The Colonial Hotel. Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Sheila Bocchine decides to take a look at the bedroom through the peep hole…I mean pinhole…with her pinhole camera that is. For those of you who are unaware of what a pinhole camera is, it’s a camera that has no lens and only a single small aperture, hence the name “pinhole”.

Sheila has been taking photographs of the different beds she has slept in for the past ten years. Now for the dirty minded individuals reading this, you will be disappointed. The photographer is an avid traveler and purposely seeks out unique places to stay during her travels. Her photographs are very artistic and kooky.

You can learn how to make a pinhole camera here. Check out more of Sheila’s Sleeping. Dreaming. series here.

bedroom south korea
(Hotel Walker Hill. South Korea)

(Tracy’s house. Columbia, Missouri)

(Grandmother’s house. Concordia, Missouri)

(Grandmother’s basement. Concordia, Missouri)

(Rex’s moms house. Samcheok, South Korea)

(Motel Aqua Beach. Busan, South Korea)

(San Carlos Hotel. Phoenix, Arizona)

(Kowloon Park (bird sanctuary). Hong Kong)

Sheila Bocchine - Fully M 5
(Grandmother’s living room)

Sheila Bocchine - FullyM 1
(Chicago, Illinois)

Sheila Bocchine - FullyM 8
(Trillium. Phoenix, Arizona)

Sheila Bocchine - FullyM 5
(Phoenix, Arizona)

Sheila Bocchine - FullyM
(Sea Motel, Santa Barbara, California)

Sheila Bocchine - FullyM6
(Gate X Hotel in South Korea)

Sheila Bocchine - FullyM7
(Bisbee, Arizona)

Sheila Bocchine - FullyM9
(Changde, China)

(Images via VisualNews and Sheila Bocchine Pinhole Photography)