What Does Pin-up Photography Look Like With Male Models?


We are all familiar with the classic style of pin-up photography. Well now, pin-up has been recreated by photographer, Rion Sabean in his photo series, “Men-ups: The Real Pin“.  He has etched the images of male pin-up models in our minds forever (no turning back now).

Luckily, the male models are not wearing bikini’s and dresses but their usual attire, so you won’t be scarred for life after viewing the collection.

What do you think of these sassy male models? Which one is your favorite?


What inspired you to make a series of pin-ups featuring men (and call them Men-Ups)?
I had had the idea for such a long time, and just never went for it. The imagery of showcasing the feminine/masculine ideals in one single image just struck me as something that could really work. Hilariously enough, and beyond my fascination with gender binaries and their inherent nature to be completely incomprehensible to me, I first began tinkering with the idea, because I will at any given moment strike very specific poses that would be defined as feminine by society; more specifically, the pointed toe. Haha. From there, it was completely obvious that pin-ups and all the associations with them would be the right choice in moving forward.
via Jazebel